Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

All payments are processed through PayPal. You do NOT need to be a PayPal member to make a purchase, though you can. If you prefer, you can pay using a credit card that has been approved by PayPal in your country (most often this is Visa, Mastercard, etc). All transactions are covered by PayPal’s buyer protection.

How do I receive the card?

Once payment is completed, we will email you the code from the iTunes gift card.  You will not get the actual card.  We can mail it to you but that would cost more.  Contact us if you want to do that.  (Actual card makes great presents)

What if I haven’t received the email?

Sometimes, emails go to Spam folders, so be sure to check there. Otherwise, sometimes email servers block the emails. If you find you have not received your email in a timely manner, please contact us right away and we will resend the email to you as soon as possible.

My code is not working. What is wrong?

If you are getting an error message from iTunes when you attempt to redeem the code, please contact us right away. Sometimes when they are typed out, there is a small typo that just needs to be fixed. Rest assured everything will be fine.

How are you obtaining these iTunes cards?

I purchase all iTunes cards myself, and am the only one who ever deals with them. I live right here in the United States and have been selling since 2010. All cards are legitimate and in no way fraudulent, like many of the sellers on eBay who live outside the US.

Do you offer refunds?

Sorry, but all sales are final. Codes cannot be re-issued, so if you are having problems like a credit not showing, and I show you have redeemed the code, you will need to contact Apple for further support.

I have other questions. How can I contact you?

Please click on the “Contact Us” link above to send us an email. We will respond as quickly as possible. However, please remember we are most likely on very different time zones, so we may be asleep!